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Reusable Nail Polish Remover Pads

£4.50 GBP

A pack of 5 reusable material pads to use when removing your nail polish.

Another great step to helping you become more eco-conscious in your beauty routine. The prefect replacement to all those cotton wool pads and discs we used to single use!

Caring for your nails and our eco system. A perfect sister product to our Natural Nail Polish Remover.

With a very slight texture which helps rub the polish off a little quicker, but of course not causing any irritation to the nail.

    Caring for the pads:
    • Best to rinse them in warm soapy water immediately after use. Let them air dry. DO NOT tumble dry, they’ll shrink.
    • Best to hang them up. If you are lying them on a surface, make sure it’s a surface that will not be damaged by polish remover just incase there’s any residue left in the pad.
    • Once they are dry use them for your next polish removal.
    • Product is in green, not in blue as on image.
    • The material is a mix of 100% natural fibres, wool and viscose making it biodegradable.
    • Each pad is 6 x 10cm in size, quite larger than others on the market.
    • Made in UK.

    £3,99 to UK customers.

    £13,60 to EU customers.

    £13,60 for the rest of the world.

    Shipped from the UK.

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    Possibility to return the product within 14 days on the condition of obtaining prior authorization from the brand. We must, in fact, ensure that the products will be returned in their original packaging and have not been opened because otherwise they are no longer usable.

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