Sustainability means a balance between environmental care, social well-being and economic growth. It consists of fulfilling the needs of current generations without compromising the needs of future generations. Discover our values:


At Econess, we have selected designers and brands that deeply desire to protect our natural world and be the best possible versions of themselves when it comes to production, environment and social.

At Econess, we all believe in stylish and innovative items that:

  • have a low-impact production,
  • are toxic-free, plastic-free and cruelty-free,
  • minimize waste, water usage and carbon emissions.

Another common attribute that our brands have is that they all produce locally, in the sense in Europe or in the UK, in order to be as transparent as possible and minimize their environmental footprints.


At Econess, we want our brands to work in an ethical way, in fair production conditions and being as transparent and local as possible.

We are selecting brands that have chosen ethical and eco-friendly manufacturers, who respect and care as much for the planet as for humans. 

At Econess, there is no space for low paid, horrible and forced labour, or child labour and discrimination. Humans rights and animal rights are as important as the environment. We care for the safety, health and happiness of the persons behind the products.

Producing locally enable brands to have a control on their employees and ensure that fair conditions and wellbeing are respected. That is another reason why we are looking to work with brands that produce in the EU or in the UK.

We love brands that also are committed to empower local communities and are engaged in environmental and/or social projects.


Improving both the natural environment through pollution reduction and the internal environment of a country through creating employment opportunities, are two important aspects with the brands we partner with. 

Economic sustainability is making sure that the environment is not destroyed by economic activity. The concept is to find different opportunities to keep materials and products in use, minimizing waste and the use of natural resources.

That is why at Econess, we love brands that embrace the circular economy that is a model designed to benefit business, society and the environment. Innovation is essential to enable the nature, wildlife and humans to thrive together.