Daniela Christiansson

Daniela Christiansson

After an incredible international modeling career and Bachelor degree in Business Administration, Daniela decided to use the benefits of her recognized international image and knowledge to share tips and helpful hints to promote sustainability on her social media.

Growing up in the natural surroundings of Sweden and Switzerland, our founder developed a strong environmental consciousness and her interest in environmental issues led her to co-found the Green Fashion Week, work on several environmental projects, such as with the UNFCCC (Climate Neutral Now) at COP21 in Paris, participate at one of the biggest beach clean-ups in Rio de Janeiro and become the personality behind the Instagram account @danielachristiansson. Alongside, she has collaborated in several eco-friendly collections and participated at many TV shows and interviews.

Her pure image and sustainable influence are making her audience trusts her taste, values and opinions, asking her to share even more and that is where ECONESS is born: a place for aspiring people to live better, to make a change in their lives for a better future through attractive products, educational and inspiring guidance.

Now as well mother of a little girl, our founder wants even more to preserve the environment for future generations so that they can too enjoy our beautiful Planet!

Daniela has been selected by Elle Magazine as one of the most influential women of Switzerland under 30.

Her aim now is to influence as many people as possible in making better shopping decisions with the aim to reduce consumers' environmental impact and preserve our Earth for future generations.