Hello and welcome to ECONESS, 

the place where you will find sustainable products, tips, solutions and news about how to become a conscious-consumer. We will share to you our selection of top-quality items of eco-friendly fashion and organic cosmetics. We will introduce, in early 2023, a range of environmentally-friendly homewares and baby goods.

Among that, you will discover weekly eco tips and sustainable news to help you in making better choices and positive changes in your life to build a sustainable future.

Our goal is to guide you in your journey towards a sustainable lifestyle step by step. Small steps = big impact!

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How do we choose our brands?

The first step is to find sustainable brands that are aligned with our values and mission. Discover more about our sustainable criteria here: Sustainability.

We look if the brand:

  • produces using environmentally-friendly materials and avoids harmful chemical products,
  • minimizes water use and waste,
  • manufactures in Europe or in the UK,
  • ensures the wellbeing of its employees, and if
  • it is transparent and honest in its statements.

It is important at Econess that our designers produce locally, in Europe or in the UK. The reasons are:

  • to reduce unnecessary carbon emissions generated by transportation,
  • have a closer relationship with their manufacturers to avoid social issues, such as bad working conditions, and
  • to empower the local economy.

Our second step is to evaluate if the products fit our consumers' interest and needs.

Our goal is to create a nice and useful offer to our visitors with enough variety of items but without exaggeration. We don't want to influence over-consumption because one of our society main environmental issues is that we consume too much!

And this needs to be changed! It is not about changing your life, but we hope to convince you that with easy and small steps, we can all adapt our lifestyle to a more sustainable one. We know very well that no one of us has the time, the energy or resources to do dramatic changes. Don’t change your life but make it better!

Our founder, Daniela Christiansson, provides also many tips on her own private account @danielachristiansson

Join her and @econess.store for more inspiration!

Any questions?

Let us know of any questions, comments, encouragements that you might have by email at info@econess.store

Feel free to contribute, share your opinions and ideas. Together we can make change happen!

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"As consumers we have so much power to change the world by just being careful in what we buy."

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